Welcome to www.myMP.in, a public service initiative of IRIS Knowledge Foundation

Over the next few weeks, we will help you with the most important decision you will be making that will affect your life and that of the nation for the next five years, the choice of who will elect to represent you in Lok Sabha.

Find out what your past MP has done for you and ask yourself what you expect from those that seek to represent you this time around. We have listed out the issues on which you should make your MP accountable: jobs, education, health, water, roads, communication and so on.

We have data here to tell you how your district where your constituency is located is faring on an absolute scale and on a relative scale when compared to other districts. Based on this data, feel free to set development outcomes for your MP. Share it with us, post it on the site.

Above all else, choose your candidate carefully, because this can change your life.

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